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Alessandro Annini
I'm a freelance developer currently working at I really love framework and its amazing potential and if you're like me, and you want the web to win, please share some snippet of code for the community and grow faster with us
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News package for SublimeText

Hi again! My package for Sublime Text is now online and you can install it with "Package Control" The plugin is like the one for but with a change in the syntax of the snippets about the dependencies. Enjoy! Please feedback me on the github package page... package for editor

Hi! I just made this package for editor! This adds autocompletes and snippets to this popular editor.   More details here: Famous support in Atom   ..this is the repo on github: any contribution is appreciated, give me feedback about this so i can add other useful autocompletes and snippets.   Cheers my dears, Alessandro  ...

— Field guide for 2014
New Table of Contents

Here you are the index of every article in this website! Table of Contents As you can see is placed in the upper menu, and auto-updates if you remember to use categories! ;)   New proto-codepen feature ready on the right.. more to come...

New feature – Fiddle from Gist

Hi! From today it is possible to generate a fiddle right from a github gist! Just paste the gist ID in the box on the left top and then push New Fiddle button...

New Fiddle Button!

I added the 'New Fiddle' button feature: it opens another tab on your browser and you got a new fiddle READY TO GO!   famousBox.js is already referenced and the define(...

New Features: Favorites + Author

Thanks to the feedback from IjzerenHein favorite feature and author of the post are on! So you can mark as favorite any post and then always have it available on the widget on the left column and you will know who wrote the post. Rock On! Alessandro...

Registrations Open!

Hi everybody! my name is Alessandro and i am a passionate developer just like you. I made this because i think is the only way we have to push farther devices performances and clearly represent a real progress in the way we conceive usability, developing possibilities,...