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Alessandro Annini
I'm a freelance developer currently working at I really love framework and its amazing potential and if you're like me, and you want the web to win, please share some snippet of code for the community and grow faster with us
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Application View start Best Practice

After some discussion with Nicholas Reed, I wanted to share a best practice method of starting a application. Here is Example Code Nick had an issue that I thought would benefit from this method. Steps: Add your app view to the main context, not all your views. Have the...

Simple Widget with Auto Size

Quite a few developers in ask about getting the size of the parent from their view.  I have written a simple widget to show how you can update your widget based on the parent size changing. In this case, the widget is added to the main context,...

Resize ScrollView Challenge
When we resize this horizontal scrollview we scale but a gap appears on the side. The gap is (surfaces first width * surfaces num.) - (surfaces new width * surfaces num.) Can you solve this?