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I'm a freelance developer currently working at I really love framework and its amazing potential and if you're like me, and you want the web to win, please share some snippet of code for the community and grow faster with us
Meta Code | New feature – Fiddle from Gist

New feature – Fiddle from Gist

17 Jul New feature – Fiddle from Gist


From today it is possible to generate a fiddle right from a github gist!

Just paste the gist ID in the box on the left top and then push New Fiddle button… a new fiddle will pop up (allow popup on your browser) gist will result inside the js box, the famousBox.js reference is always there and on the description you will find the gist address from where you started.

Remember to always give a good name when you save your gist especially if you are going to post it here on 😉

We are now in ‘beta” so only a limited number of requests per hour to gist.github is allowed, then this will change.

If you find yourself using the New Fiddle button o reading something written on and making something cool, feel free to share it with the community or make some question.


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Thank you all!