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Meta Code | Show/Hide nodes with visibility modifier

Show/Hide nodes with visibility modifier

01 Jul Show/Hide nodes with visibility modifier

What if you simply want to show/hide a renderable?

ScrollViews have a clever algorithm to determine which surfaces to render.The RenderController has a clever algorithm that allows for renderables to transition in and out of view…..

For all other uses – no scrolling or transitioning – use this:

var Modifier = require('famous/core/Modifier');
var StateModifier = require('famous/modifiers/StateModifier');

__original_modify = Modifier.prototype.modify;

Modifier.prototype.modify = function extended_modify(target) {,target);
  // here is the hack: set target to NULL if it should not be visible!
  if(this._visibleGetter) this.visible = this._visibleGetter(); = this.visible === undefined || this.visible? target: null;
  return this._output;

Modifier.prototype.visibleFrom = function(visible){
    if (visible instanceof Function) this._visibleGetter = visible;
    else if (visible instanceof Object && visible.get) this._visibleGetter = visible.get.bind(visible);
    else {
        this._visibleGetter = null;
        this.visible = visible;
    return this;

StateModifier.prototype.setVisible = function(value) {
  this._modifier.visible = value;

Now you can use the following methods:

  • Modifier.visibleFrom(function(){ return true // or false; })
  • StateModifier.setVisible(true); // or false;

If you don’t like hacking the core, you can use a ShowModifer:

var Transform = require('famous/core/Transform');

function ShowModifier(options) {
  this.visible = !!options.visible;
  this._output = {
    transform: Transform.identity,
    opacity: 1,
    origin: null,
    align: null,
    size: null,
    target: null

ShowModifier.prototype.modify = function(target){ = this.visible? target: null;
  return this._output;
}; = function show(){
  this.visible = true;

ShowModifier.prototype.hide = function hide() {
  this.visible = false;

module.exports = ShowModifier;

EDIT: WARNING itself warns for performance pentalties from adding/removing nodes the the render tree. Read the full thread here.