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Alessandro Annini
I'm a freelance developer currently working at I really love framework and its amazing potential and if you're like me, and you want the web to win, please share some snippet of code for the community and grow faster with us
Meta Code | Combine animations

Combine animations

  • Thanks for sharing..its pretty cool..could you please explain how do you make the surface disappear (to get invisible thus the div element remains)

    • Hi!
      thanks and sorry for the delay.. what do you mean by ‘make the surface disappear’? do you have any example of this?

    • i’m sorry for my previous response.. it was too early in the morning… ahahah
      anyway it was a mistake made by me; the scale transition was like
      var scale = Translate.scale(1.5, 1.5, 0);
      but it was obviously a mistake because of the final 0 that scale down to 0(!) on Z axis.. now i am fixing that post!

      thanks for the accidental notification!

  • thanks for your clarification 🙂