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Meta Code | Autosizing Surface / Tabs

Autosizing Surface / Tabs

27 Jun Autosizing Surface / Tabs

You can now use a sequential layout with this extended surfaces set to size: [true, true] and the layout will respect the content size of the surfaces.

Thanks to thekemkid, blaxxberlin and johntrav

original gist

Example by thekemkid (with underscore.js)

Component Only

define(function (require, exports, module) {
    var Engine = require('famous/core/Engine');
    var Surface = require('famous/core/Surface');
    var StateModifier = require('famous/modifiers/StateModifier');
    var FlexibleLayout = require('famous/views/FlexibleLayout');
    var RenderNode = require('famous/core/RenderNode');

    function SmartSurface(options) {
        Surface.apply(this, arguments);
        this._superDeploy = Surface.prototype.deploy;

    SmartSurface.prototype = Object.create(Surface.prototype);
    SmartSurface.prototype.constructor = SmartSurface;

    SmartSurface.prototype.deploy = function deploy(target) {
        var size = this.getSize();
        var width = size[0] === true ? target.offsetWidth : size[0];
        var height = size[1] === true ? target.offsetHeight : size[1];
        this.state.setSize([width, height]);

module.exports = SmartSurface;